"We serve with professionalism and make progress with the time." Throughout the years, Starling Gold Asset Management Limited has secured steady growth in size and service aspects. We are committed to serve clients with the highest standard, as we perceive that support of our client is our success. In line with this promise, our staff members are uncompromising professionals who are dedicated to serve with integrity and in pride. Starling Gold Asset Management Limited reformed the market thoroughly by recruiting an elite squad of Electronic Brokers, and, Software Research & Development personnels, to pioneer a profession of electronic trading by providing a high efficiency trading network system and worldwide trading services. In order to provide our clients with an enjoyable low cost trading facility, we dedicate ourselves to upgrade our trading system constantly. Our high performance trading and backup management system technology personalized trading platform, around the clock market updates together with warm and high efficient service add up to create a bright future for us. Also, as a participant of a worldwide OTC (Over the Counter) electronic trading network, we are well ready to assist our clients to grasp every investment opportunities in the market.

Starling Gold Asset Management Limited, was founded in 1995 based in Hong Kong, is a registered trade member of the Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society in Hong Kong ( I.D.# 234 ),we mainly manage spot precious metal trading. Starling Gold Asset Management Limited is regulated by The Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society (CGSE), and we must uphold the highest standards and business practices. Since its establishment, Starling Gold Asset Management Limited takes the task in promoting precious metals investment in Hong Kong, bases on the principle of serving customers honestly, sticks to the tenet of becoming a bridge between Asia-area and China, sets the goal to make progress while ensuring stability. Based on the premise that continue to improve service quality, we are sure to provide our customer fast, reliable investment opportunity with professional service spirit and quality.

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