To provide clients with high-quality service, to ensure normal dealing even if internet is inaccessible to them, we have set up a dealing hotline. In the event of temporarily suspended internet trading, using our phone dealing service will not incur any charges. The company will take no responsibility for delay or errors that arise from phone dealing. (The dealing hotline is only for client’s trading. Our dealing operator does not to answer any other questions. If you have any enquires please contact our hotline (852) 3622-1618 or e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

For orders placed via phone dealing, our dealers will quote the real-time price of the trading system. For all orders via phone dealing, we will validate the account before the transaction begins. For safety consideration of both sides, the phone conversation will be recorded:
  1. State your ID and password. And then tell our dealers what you want to deal.

  2. For instance: My ID is ABCE, and my password is 1234. Please quote London Gold/Dollar.

  3. Our dealers will quote the real-time selling/buying price. If the London Gold is1232.4/ 2.9, the quotation will be 2.4/2.9 .

  4. If you agree with the price, you should respond immediately to tell how many lots of London Gold you need to buy/sell(that is, how many lots of London gold you need to buy/sell at the price of 1232.9/1232.4). Executed transactions can not be changed or cancelled. You should tell our dealer whether you need to open or close a position. Please tell us the order code or liquidation price if you need to close a position. Otherwise, the company has the right to close any open contract in your account.

  5. Our dealers will repeat your buying/selling price (e.g. xxx buyers of London Gold at 1232.9, xxx sellers of London Gold at 1232.4), account ID, password, and the dealing time. Then the dealer will answer “deal succeeded” or confirm that your transaction has been executed. Executed transactions can not be changed or cancelled.

  6. If you disagree with the price and do not want to continue the transaction, you only need to answer “No” or “OUT”. If the price changes, the dealer will tell you “Change” or “OUT”, which means the real-time selling/ buying price quoted by the dealer has been changed and transaction can not be executed at that price). In such circumstances, you need to ask for the new quotation price. If your answer of “xxx buyers/ sellers of London Gold” is very close to the moment of our dealer’s answer of “Change” or “OUT”, it will depend on who speaks first according to the recorded phone conversation. (We quote three times at most for each phone dial. For more real-time quotations, you need to redial the hotline, to ensure other clients also have the opportunity to place their orders.)
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