Business Partners
Starling Gold Asset Management Limited is one of the largest financial services institutions in Hong Kong. Starling Gold Asset Management Limited is a subsidiary of the Group. Starling Gold Asset (Precious Metal) Limited trading services of precious metals. You are cordially invited to partner and grow with us. Our "Business Partners" Introducing Broker (IB) program aims at providing a channel via which Business Partners can earn lucrative commission by successfully introducing new customers or accounts to us. With our topnotch services that yield total customer satisfaction, our Business Partners are fully backed as they concentrate on expanding their business.

Starling Gold Asset Advantages

  • Formal legal gold trading licence by The Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society (member code: 234); and recognized provider of electronic transaction.
  • Provide comprehensive and excellent support services including customer statements, allowing Business Partners to easily calculate monthly trading volume, and profit and loss of customers.
  • The majority of our trading volume comes from .We attach great importance to the long-term partnering relationship with our Business Partners . We offer sufficient administrative support and other resources to ensure that our Business Partners receive their full entitled payment on time each month.
  • We are one of the leading online traders in the industry as well as a recognized electronic dealer of The Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society. We comply with strict operational and financial regulatory requirements, making sure the interests of investors are safeguarded.
  • In addition to the above, we can offer bespoke partnering solutions according to your specific requirements.
  • For more details about our "Business Partners " "Introducing Broker (IB)", please email toe-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (852) 3622-1618
  • Strategic partners mainly engage in technical consulting and educational training services, subsidiaries under Starling Gold Asset Management Limited, Starling Gold Asset (Precious Metal) Limited shall not enter into Agreement, nor enter into any trades on Client’s account nor collect Client’s deposits in the mainland and third party.

If you have any queries regarding the identity of strategic partners, please call our customer service hotline for verification.

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