Over 100 years The Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society dates back to 1910 operates in Hong Kong is only one spot gold and silver exchange. At present have 171 member firms. These member firms may produce 99% fineness 5-tael gold bullions and 999.9% kilogram gold bullions, 5-tael gold bullions for delivery on the Exchange.

Physical Gold Bar trading Procedures

1. Client can through our SGPGTrader online trading platform “Physical gold bar real time quotation” to execute with the offer price, when client has confirmed the quantity, the quote will eventually need to be recognized as transaction price by the company, the quantity will also be confirmed by the company as well. As a result of changes in the market situation, the company has the right to update the market price for client to implement the transaction. (Client need to ensure that his/her physical gold bar trading account has sufficient funds to meet such commitments, otherwise the transaction will be cancelled.

2. Physical Gold Bar quotation and trading hours according to the CGSE trading session, i.e. Monday to Friday 9:30am to 5:00pm, except holidays, price quoted in HKD, RMB or USD. HKD, RMB or USD can also be used as settlement currency.

3. After the confirmation of buying instruction from client, client will then receive our official invoice.

4. Physical gold bar must be picked up at Hong Kong. Clients need to provide a copy of valid identity document, and the original official invoice. Clients must make full payment for the storage charges for late collection when picking up the goods; otherwise the company has the right to refuse delivery. Please check the goods carefully; the company is not responsible if the goods were picked up.

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